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Horizontal Direction Drilling Machines

Group of Overseas has been declared as official dealer for the Zlconn HDD machines in UAE region and is always know for the quality it keeps and the service it provides. We officially deals in all model of Zlconn HDD machines and the spare parts such as Operating platform, Anchor device, Clamping Device, Crawler tread, Frame assembly, Engine, Diesel tank, Hydraulic system, Hood assembly, push-pull device Bracket body, Power head assembly, automatic change rod device, mud pump and electric system.

Why do we recommend Zlconn HDD Machienes 

Zlconn Company covers a big area of more than 200 acres with a 60000 square meters plant. They have the most advanced production line and equipment in the world, including a CNC coil straightening line, fibre laser cutting machine, SPT CNC punching line, automatic welding robots, CNC boring mill, CNC machining centre, automatic painting and baking coating line and so on. With more than 400 employees, they have strong manufacturing capabilities and an experienced technical team as well as an after-sales team, we are devoted to providing stable and reliable products to customers. Furthermore, they provide Self-produced whole parts and full-procedure quality control: From raw steel sheet dealing – steel sheet cutting – bending – making holes – application – welding- rust removal – electronic phoresis surface treatment – heat treatment – assembling – testing, all by ourselves thus making ZLCONN machine much stable and better in quality control. Zlconn also has rust removal workshops in china and also provides 10 years rust warranty which makes It more competitive against American brands at a lesser cost and with the same quality and specifications.They also use better components: For 360A and 430A Hi-speed machine, we all use big Sai Piston Motor for slewing rather than cycloid motor anymore, much higher pressure. For hydraulic pumps, we use USA Brand.

Advantages for choosing Group of overseas for Zlconn HDD Machines 

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