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Non-Disruptive Road Crossing

Overseas Group initiated its U.A.E. NDRC operation in 2019. The Company specializes in non-disruptive road crossings utilizing the latest technology in H.D.D. (Horizontal Directional Drilling), Thrust Boring, Micro-tunneling and Pipe Jacking Techniques.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

The latest advanced technology in non-disruptive road crossings. Directional drilling allows technicians to drill in a horizontal direction without having to dig across an expanse of soil, opening up new possibilities for locating pipes for utilities. In the past, the only option for installing piping was to essentially destroy the landscape, while a large, obtrusive crew and their equipment overtook the property and spent weeks digging trenches for pipe installation. Directional drilling revolutionized this process. Ideal for water, Gas, electric & fiber optic cables and telephone cables of single or multiple ducts. Drilling HDPE pipes from 32mm diameter to 1000mm diameter, and lengths from 10m to 500m, Under Roads, Railway tracks, Pavements, Lakes and rivers, Airport run ways, and solid structures.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Thrust Boring.

Thrust boring is jacked and drilling trenchless boring method used for the installation of pipes and conduits. This technique is used in applications where excavations are undesirable, such as in developed locations or areas with a high risk of ground collapse.

One of the defining features of thrust boring is its dual action of jacking and drilling. An auger with a cutting head is placed inside a steel casing and laid against the wall of an entry pit. The cutting head rotates, drilling the soil and removing the spoils, while a jacking rig pushes or ‘thrusts’ the casing and auger to the exit pit.

After the auger and steel casing have reached the exit pit, the product pipe is installed within the completed bore. Where grade pipe is installed, spacers may be used to help maintain a constant grade level. Cementitious grouting may be used to fill the space between the pipe and the bore to ensure that the product pipe maintains stability.

Thrust boring may be guided or unguided. Guided thrust boring utilizes a laser-enabled system that increases the accuracy of the installation. A camera-mounted pilot drill provides a live feed to the drilling operator, allowing them to make hydraulic steering corrections to ensure that the bore path remains on course.

This method is also known as rod pushing. We can install pipes rom 4” inch to 54” inch in diameter, for all types of services and utilities. Ideal for Water, gas, oil, electric, telephone and sewage lines, under Asphalt roads, Railway tracks, and Airport Runways.

Benefits of Thrust Boring.

Horizontal Directional Drilling or Thrust Boring offer customers many advantages over traditional trenching methods and ultimately reduces construction time and costs.

They eliminate the need to cut roads, which are expensive to restore and provide traffic diversions. They are ideal in environmentally sensitive areas for minimum disturbance to the surrounding environment. They reduce disturbance to traffic and businesses, and are much faster than conventional methods.

We have provided our services all over the U.A.E to all the Municipalities, Roads and Transport departments, Electricity and Water Departments, Sewage and Water treatment departments, Irrigation and Landscaping departments, Telephone and Communication departments, Gas and Oil companies, Civil Aviation department and numerous construction companies.

Micro tunneling

Micro tunneling is a trenchless method of sewer construction. It is effective in soft, unstable, and wet soils and can crush large boulders. It is similar to the Jack and Bore method, except the tunneling process is remotely controlled, not manually controlled. Micro tunneling can be used to install larger diameter pipes and longer pipe runs than the Jack and Bore method. Crews dig a sending pit and a receiving pit to install a new sewer pipe. They place a micro tunnel boring machine in the sending pit and cut a hole underground horizontally from the sending pit to the receiving pit, without disturbing the surface above. As the machine drills the hole, a jacking rig functions like a jack hammer to push the new sewer pipe in place between the boring machine and the jacking rig.

The work involves the following steps:

Pipe Jacking / Jack and Bore method / Manned Pipe Jacking.

The Pipe Jacking trenchless technology method is a safe, innovative and cost-effective system of directly installing prefabricated pipes behind a tunnel shield by hydraulic jacking force from a drive shaft. The pipes actually form a continuous string in the ground in the direction of the target shaft. The jacking force is transmitted through pipe-to-pipe interaction. Excavation is performed manually with a hand mine shield or mechanically with the use of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

Benefits of Pipe Jacking / Jack and Bore method / Manned Pipe Jacking / Microtunneling: